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Re: Show me your nb in cloth diapers!!!

my wee one is 2.5 years now but still love sharing her squishy pictures

her very first cloth diaper at 1 day old a preemie nanabottom AIO it covered her cord but she didn't mind their was still space as it wasn't tight on her waist. 5lbs 7oz

another preemie AIO littlesprouts or something like that

nanabottoms NB AIO though these went clear over the cord they were one of the feeew diapers with a nice fit on her skinny chicken legs (she had 3 inch thighs)

see the legs

NB birdseye prefolds from the babyworks I LOVED LOVED these they were idential in size to a preemie prefold but both trimmer and more assorbent, one of the things I kept for a future wee one.

preemie prefolds

bummi NB orginal cover one of my favorites

A few cute but too big at first

Kissaluvs 0 HUGE at first

bumgenius NB AIO poor kid this went to her arm pits sadly it leaked out the sides cause we couldn't get a really good fit, fit a lot better after she gained a bit though

GMD orange edge NB prefold is was dable but a LOT of diaper it made her bum too big so oshe kida popped up when she laid on her back

NB mutts super cute and wonderful a bit too big in the legs at first..

BG organic okay yea totally not working here but made a great picture

After we gained a little weight but still we age...

Flat diaper

cloth for your angle NB fitted not sure if these are still made, super cute jsut too big

look the kissaluv now fits!

one month and so do the bumgenius (6ish lbs)
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