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Originally Posted by momof7girls
Apparently I had way too much time on my hands just before DS was born because I bought tons of wool off here. We haven't even used a quarter of it, and he's already growing out of a lot I am going to start listing it as I have time here and there. I am pricing most of this much lower than I paid, I am just not up to bumping and reducing and hoping to sell them fast. Everything is in EUC or VGUC, I will try to point out when not but please understand that I am human, not to mention a mom of a lot of children so I may miss something. Prices are all ppd in the US, slightly higher for Canada. I like to try to get things shipped by the next day after payment but sometimes it will be a few days, I will let you know if this is the case. Feel free to make me an offer, especially if you are interested in more than one item. I am mostly iso pp but could be persuaded to trade for gn/boyish WCW or RSD pocket diapers size med and larger. Or an Oscha wrap

next set is a nb MM birthday boy overalls/booties/hat this was soo cute but DS was 11 lbs when he was born so it only fit him for pictures once. $55 pd

this is a nb sized red longies and hat w/ a cable down one side. Super soft yarn, too small for us by the time we wanted to wear it. $30 ppd

NB sized MM woodland in spring longies. Again, too hot when these fit so I think I put them on him once and they were already too short in the inseam. (Do we see a theme here?) $25 ppd

NB/sm silly stripes longies...again fit in the wrong season. Never worn by us. $25 ppd

Super cute NB lime green longies and hat. Shirt not included. We did wear these a few times and they are adorable! I'll try to see if I can find an action pic. In great condition, very stretchy and soft. $35 ppd

nb soaker in some MM cw. This is tiny, barely fit DS when he was born but we never used it because I just kept him in a sleep sack most of the time. It's a bit pilly but freshly washed and lanolized by the mama that I got it from.$8 ppd

NB/SM MM Birthday Boy longies and hat set. This we wore a few times usually over a pocket diaper. Super cute, love the birthday boy colorway Shirt is not included, I can't seem to find it $35 ppd

pendingSM Babyology longies. These got mixed in with the laundry and washed so they are felted. They still fit DS until just recently (he's 6 mo old) so would probably be great for a nb at nighttime. $7 ppd or I'll throw them in FFS with another purchase.

both pendingThese are both pretty used. We used them mostly at night, they still work great, though. nb Disana soaker and SM Aristocrat $7 each or FFS w/another purchase

Next are the sleep sacks. Let me just say a word about these. You need one. I never heard of them until I was expecting my last baby and boy do I wish I had found them sooner! They are the greatest things ever invented, whoever thought of this idea was a genious! My baby lived in them until he was a few weeks old. It was so easy to just keep him in a fitted diaper and tuck him into one of these, so cozy and warm and I can't rave enough about them! Plus, how cute is this:

If you are expecting a baby and dont have a sleep sack, get one. Or a few. You won't regret it!

Owlie sleep sack and hat knit by me I am by no means an expert knitter but this was a fun project and I think it came out pretty good. The wool is a mohair/wool blend, it is pretty soft. I knew I was expecting a larger baby so I made it slightly longer than most. I would keep this since I made it but I have another one that I like better that I am keeping. $25 ppd

Scrappy sleep sack I did not make this one but it is so cute I love scrappy stuff. Asking what I paid and wouldn't mind keeping this one so won't be lowering the price $30 ppd

more to come, but DS needs me now...

ok, I'm back I'm going to try to get the rest of my pics up here so descriptions may be on the short side. I will come back and add more details later as I have more time

nb/s shorties of some MM cw I bought these for the shirt that came with them. It was too cold here to wear the shorties when they fit $20ppd

this set is super cute and I don't remember anything about the wool except that is was something like crayons...I'm terrible at remembering details like that, I don't know how you mamas do it. Anyhow, this was one of my favorites DS wore it several times. The colorway is just like a box of crayons, or a primary colored rainbow I think it would be GN enough for a girl, and I do have the onesie that came with it, it is red and has a monster on the front $50 ppd

small Sweetie Bird Fashion recycled car applique $25 (sorry for the upside down pics, not sure how that happened)

unknown maker striped longies $15

nb silly stripes set $40

NWT xs Woolybottoms $25

not sure of the cw MM knit shortalls, cute, gn colors too small by the time it was hot enough here for it. (but we did wear it once for a pic) $30
i- 2.5
from shoulder to crotch - about 13
from top of bib to crotch and up to the top of the back - 19.5
hmmm, not sure what else to measure, lol!

nb/s can't remember who dyed it but pretty sure its called pot of gold rainbow-ey longies $35
w- 12.5

orange trim overalls this is more of a sm or med size. It would just fit my 6 mo 18 lb DS but we have too many overalls so they need to go $45

more overalls, these are MM woodland tale and have boyish buttons but if you changed them it would be pretty GN. $45

kind of girly romper, it has heart buttons (although I bought it for my DS) MM winter pear cw $60

sm set cardigan and silly stripe longies very GN imo and very fall-ish wish too bad these fit DS in June when it was 90 degrees $40

don't remember this MM cw longies and hat. $30
w - 6.5
the hat is 6" acros

Is there a MM cw called woodland fireside? I think that's what this is. It had something to do with sitting by a fire...anyhow, these longies I paid way too much for but I loved the cw so much I just had to have them. And of course we never wore them $40 (a lot less than I paid)
eta:just looked these up and the cw is called "Fireside" and they were knit by Strawberry Bottom Baby

This next set I bought together but I'm not sure if it went together. The main color of the pants and sweater is the same but the pants have a darker trim. I am not sure if the knitter ran out of the light grey or what but they are still cute $40 for both sorry for the two pics but I couldn't get them both in the same shot without it being super small

.................................................. .................................................
sold items below:
First we have two pair of xs Twee longies. They are from different batches so maybe that's why the measurements are different? They both are very stretchy and soft. The brown ones waist is smaller than the green, though but they don't look felted at all and stretch fine. They are from two different mamas so I have no idea. They both fit him when it was too hot to even think about longies so we never wore them.
$25 ppd each or $45 for both

made by me orange interlock longies, measurements similar to twee xs uneven dye $5 w/ other purchase

pendingNExt is a custom VW set by Rainbow waters size small $45 ppd

nb/s goldfish longies and hat $35

the cw on these longies was called foxes but can't recall the dyer. S/M size, these would still fit DS $30
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