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Originally Posted by eileprose

I totally understand why you would feel irked. I have several friends and family members that spend spend spend and then panic and lament and ask for money, where my household has always made savings a priority. I wouldn't want to give up any of my hard saved money either.

I'm trying to phrase a thought eloquently and its not quiet coming out right, but let me try, please forgive the awkwardness.

Some people whine and are difficult but you have 2 choices about dealing with them. One, give them up, distance yourself from them, if they don't give you anything in return (fun, positive feelings...something) or two, realize that you value you them for some reason, they are family, you care for them, they make you happy, you have a past....something you value and then you choose to put up with their negative tendencies, its a trade off.

Does that make sense?
Your last paragraph exactly. It may not be the popular response. But it's what I think all the time.

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