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Originally Posted by Lammy
No I didn't. I accidentally grabbed the wrong type and until my husband gets paid I can't get the right type. Is it still okay to use it? I didn't even notice it didn't have the HE logo on it.
Eeeeek! Don't do another load unless you really want to buy a new washer!

To answer your original question, this is what we do:

Warm rinse or soak cycle - max rinse level, no spin, always warm (diapers can only get lukewarm, even in a hot wash, after a cold prewash/rinse because they are already saturated with cold water). 1/2 scoop of OxiClean if I've waited too long to do laundry or there are potential stains.

Hot wash - normal or heavy duty cycle depending on # of diapers - high soil level, max rinse level, normal spin, cold rinse. HE Tide to the 1 line.

Cold rinse and spin - normal rinse level, max spin.
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