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Water, water, water. Drink as much water as possible. Your body is extracting every bit of water and nutrients as possible from your food. So your poop gets extra dense and hard to pass.

Your urine (other than first thing in the am) should be clear or really pale yellow. If it's not drink more water.

Don't wait to go, if you have the urge go. The long the poop sits in your bowels, the more water is absorbed, the harder it gets.

Are you doing any exercise? Even walking or other low impact exercise will stimulate your your gut to make you go.

My OB said glycerine suppositories we okay to use to lube everything up, but the best cure was prevention. He said really keep hydrated.

Last pregnancy, I had some "events" that made me worry about my ability to bear a child , keeping hydrated has made a big difference this time.
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