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Originally Posted by mommy2sammy
I love my baby jogger city select with the doubles kit. It's more than $200, but worth every penny. You might find one on CL? I can use it as a single or double and it has run flats and shocks. Turns on a dime and never gets stuck. It's so easy to fold and reconfigure and has awesome canopies. And the handbrake is great!
I'm really considering this stroller, but gun shy after getting a "dream" stroller that I rarely use. I can never fold it. According to the baby store in town, the city select is the most popular one they sell. But, it costs more than my first car (admittedly a POS, but still)

I live in a place with lots of outdoor activities, bad winter weather and need a quick in and out of a car ability. Any thoughts on if it will work for me? I have a toddler who will be 30 months when new baby is born in Jan.

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