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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Oct 8

QOTW: Doners! They are delicious Turkish food that is very very prevalent practically everywhere in Europe (and Australia) that they don't have in the states. Its usually lamb meat but over here they have to have a special permit to sell lamb meat so its usually beef with some creamy delicious sauce/dressing, shredded cabbage and lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and where we get them a pepper mix. And fries. I hated them the first time we were over here, then we moved here again when I was 29 weeks pregnant with DS and my poor husband had to take me twice a week. Now I want them again and the yummiest place they are from doesn't sell them anymore. So I'm settling for my second favorite but still craving the ones from the first place. Probably because I know I can't get them.
Oh, and yesterday I told my husband I had hunger rage and made him take me to Chili's for a mid-afternoon snack of mashed potatoes and black pepper gravy. It was the most delicious thing I've eaten in, well, since last weeks doner trip

DH got to feel the baby move yesterday! We took DS bowling for the first time (how sad is it that we lost to a just turned two year old, playing in a lane that had the bumpers out the entire time?) Anyways, I was standing there feeling some acrobatics and usually he can't feel it but this time he did! Usually I don't even feel that much acrobatics so it was pretty awesome. Last time I don't think he felt the baby until probably 18-20 weeks so it was pretty neat.
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