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Originally Posted by chandni3
I think occasionally, if you really crave it or something. But I really wouldn't risk it. There was that big listeria outbreak only a few years ago and several people died. And right now there's the beef recall. Imagine how'd you'd feel if somehow something did go wrong? I've had a miscarriage and I'd never want to go through that again. I'd never want to feel that somehow I was the cause of loosing my baby. Just not worth it. Take the few seconds to heat it up.
The problem (for me) with this line of thinking is that it just starts to make me neurotic after awhile. Like the beef example, or e. coli in the spinach...anything could be contaminated, and so what do I eat without feeling guilty or scared? I've had a miscarriage too, and maybe this isn't typical, but it didn't matter what I ate, I still ran through every possible thing that could have been my fault. I'm not saying no rules our no changes in diet when I'm pregnant, but I can't go down the "what if" road, and I'm very comfortable that we all draw our lines in different places.
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