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Re: Where do you shop for your clothes?

Mostly online. We just got a halfway decent thrift store so I have been going a little nuts there We used to just have crappy thrift stores that were expensive and never had good clothes, but we finally got a Value Village and I can usually find a few good things there. I just lost 20 lbs and had to buy a new wardrobe. I also am in love with Aeropostale right now. I bought a pair of jeans at the thrift store for $15 and loved them so much I went to their site and the same jeans were on sale for $12 so I bought several pairs. I paid $85 for two pairs of jeans, a dress, a pair of lounge pants, two pairs of undies, three tank tops and a long sleeved shirt. I am a hoodie fiend and wear one every day, and I've bought several Aeropostale hoodies from Value Village.

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