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Originally Posted by Bumstoppers
I'm overwhelmed over here. Trying to finish up the cooking for all month over here, and cleaning and laundry. Then I have to pay catch up for when ds2 was sick Thursday Friday of last week.

So not complaining thou, business is doing WELL hence the reason for being so busy.

How do you eat an elephant?

Ps if my week turns out like its starting out, then I will be back for advice on where to apply that income.
How do YOU eat an elephant? Or how do you eat an elephant? I enjoy it With olive garden dressing and fresh parmesan, other just eat it one bite at a time. In case you (or new comers) dont really know, its just a saying to keep you focused on the small steps to get to your ultimate goal. Achieving your financial goals would be the elephant, the baby steps here would symbolize taking it one bite at a time. So when someone says " eating an elephant." they mean taking it one step or bite at a time and eventually you will get there. You cannot get there all at once, it takes time and effort.

Ducko sorry to hear about your father. Keep focused, as hard as it may be, tragedy can often send up into a manic phase and spending spending spending.
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