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Re: Thinking of getting DD evaluated for ADHD.

I guess homeschooling is both good and bad -- good that you don't have to deal w/other kids and a teacher in a different classroom, bad that you don't get a break from your DD's difficult personality

If it were me, I would go ahead and find out so that you will at least know one way or the other. There are techniques, etc, to help you and a child with ADHD cope; maybe you will find something that's effective. I'm only just starting to learn about things we can do, but I find that using a timer helps my son stay on-task. I follow-up on him pretty regularly, and I think that if he knows I'm going to follow-up it helps. We have lots of charts for tracking his successes as well as tracking what he needs to do before he can have "free time". I really try to avoid getting overly angry at him now, it doesn't help at all. I try to avoid putting him into a situation that I know he won't be able to handle (even if a "normal" kid would be okay).

We actually had our first appointment w/the behavioral psychologist today, so she got a lot of information from me and our son. I asked her if it is generally outgrown and she said the "rule of thirds" applies; about 1/3 of kids seem to outgrow it and don't require any more special intervention (meds etc) around age 12/13, another 1/3 seem to be okay by the time they are out of high school, and then the last set has to deal with this their whole lives.

Maybe you can look at it as, rather than something negative, something that sets your child apart from the "average" child. There are a lot of really cool qualities that ADHD kids have; they can be really creative and exciting/fun to be around, they have a lot of energy, they are curious about things, they ask a lot of questions. As I understand it, the main problems are more of a socialization nature. I think that the way schools are, an ADHD kid can have a harder time learning b/c they need to be re-directed more than the class size allows. But she said that even in a small class or homeschool, sometimes the homework load can become so large/heavy that they can't focus long enough to get through all of it. She said that situation often manifests in 4th/5th/6th grade.

I'm not really sure if we would go the meds route, but I do know that the way my son gets into other kid's personal space, and his general antics, bother a lot of the kids. Sometimes at church they will come over and tell me what he was doing during the lesson

ETA -- your DH doesn't believe people can have mental problems? What do you believe? What does he think mental illness is? This is baffling to me
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