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Re: Do you do the circus?

Originally Posted by Fairycat View Post
Actually you are more likely to see an Elephant lose it. They are far to smart, have very complex emotions, tight group bonding and the highest chance of snapping from sheer stress. Even if you don't like animals it is very well proven the intelligence and emotions they have. But even if you hate them, when they lose it, people die and get hurt and it isn't always the trainers. Watch a few rampaging elephants at circus videos and you will never let your kid near an elephant with a tiny ankle chain again. I seriously have gone out of my way to avoid them because if they snap, I don't want my kid any where near them.
I was surfing You Tube showing my son some of the animals he was learning about and accidently stumbled on one of those rampaging videos. I had what some on here would call my "terrible" parenting moment since I lied to ds and said "oh look the elephant is trumpeting and stomping because he is playing" and promptly turned it off. That particular rampage video took place during a parade in India. I no longer surf You Tube with DS unless I am certain what the video contains.
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