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6 month old not ready for solids???

So, ds has a protein allergy and is on Allimentum. He eats about 4-6 oz on demand but about every 3 hours.
GI dr said it was ok to start solids in a certain order. I did that and carrots and sweet potatoes have been ok. We discovered that squash is a problem. He has a horrible rash on his bottom from the acid in his poo (from the squash still leaving his system even though he hasn't had it since Saturday).
When I feed him, he kind of acts like he likes it, but then its like he doesnt know how to swallow it. He spits half or more of it out. When I try to put it in his mouth, he acts like he's chewing but he chomps on the spoon instead of letting me get it in his mouth.
Now his tummy is upset again and Im wondering if its just not time for him to start solids.
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