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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread Oct 8 - Oct 14

Our gas has actually went down here over the past week so I am hoping that it stays that way for a bit. My husband drives 350 miles a week in a tahoe to work and back so Gas has been killing our budget lately.
This week I need to pick up a few groceries but they are budgeted for. I also need to figure out a picnic menu that is fairly cheap but will feed us and some extended people for my birthday picnic this weekend.
Bills have been paid until next check and we just received a small gift from my in laws to help with gas to my sons doctors appt. They help out my husbands sister quite a bit but we have never asked for anything so they wrote a check because they wanted to help out and left it with DH when they went home (they live in another state). My parents gifted us 100.00 after our DD was born before DS first trip. We dont rely on any of the gits but they are really appreciated it and it helps us with the budget for the end of the month when we will be traveling.
I need to find a hotel for our next trip, get the last few small items for halloween costumes, and get our oldest DD 2 pairs of jeans for fall/early winter since its gotten so cold here.
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