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Re: Minimalist/raw/from scratch cooking help needed!

Step 1 when living overseas get over food from home, it s a luxury ingredients are not the same. I have the same in GErmany where a bag of dried pinto or black beans is 7 or 8 dollars and I hav eto drive to another cits or order online. You have to learn to cook using local cheap ingredients which takes time, I am still struggling almost half a century into living here. The language barrier makes it harder as I would have suggested using local ingredients, for instance I use german cookbooks to make americanized foods. It is not the same, but its the best I can get with common ingredients that dont cost me tons. I thought I would be smart and get emealz whole foods and one week was over 200 euro using the items they wanted me to buy.

Why are you shopping import grocers? some things like canned soups you can make yourself as well, food for thought, I have not had a can of cream soup in over 4years I use substitutes and tweek recipies. If it is hard to shop on the economy is that because of the language barrier? Do you have anyone who can help you.

It takes time, if I had a euro for every screw up I made from buying sweet cream instead of sour for tacos or buying coffee creamer instead of milk in the beggining I would be very wealthy
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