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Re: 6 Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers Size 1 (Fits 6-18lbs)

These are what I used on my newborn. Honestly, they seemed bulky to me, not because of the cover though, because of the diaper I used. I don't know if anything wouldn't be bulky on a newborn though since they are so tiny. I used these covers with Kissaluvs (which I also have for sale) and with prefolds. They fitted Kissaluvs were less bulky but I never mastered Snappi-ing on a prefold so I trifolded it and a low crotch results. I don't have tons of experience to compare it to though. They are the only covers I used because the rest of my lot is AI2's. These covers get great reviews though and will certainly work on a newborn as that is the purpose I used them for. I just think they seem bulky compared to AI2's that I am used to.
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