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Re: NTNP October 7th - October 13th

Originally Posted by pine_apple_goat View Post
May I join to?

Dh and I recently decided to ntnp. I couldn't be happier. Dd turned 2 on August 4th and I've been wanting another since she turned one but dh said no. We've done a lot of talking and planning and decided that if it happens it happens.

Qotw- I've been in a pop type mood lately. It keeps me upbeat. I also like a lot of rock music.
Welcome mama! I will get you added to the list Hopefully you stay here is nice and short

Originally Posted by kanga1622 View Post
Welcome pineapple goat and Jackie! I hope your stay with us is short.

AFM: we took DS shopping today for new shoes. He picked cute UFO shoes that light up. They are pretty snazzy. He did a wonderful job everywhere we went and was so well behaved at lunch. Totally different kid than at the grocery store yesterday.

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Those shoes sound super cute! There must be something with grocery stores, because my DS was a complete wild monkey at the store yesterday

Originally Posted by lilg82882 View Post
Welcome new mamas

I love pop music lately too I have tons of pop music from the 90's on my phone that I have really been loving lately

AFM: CD2. So it seems my cycle are back to pre-IUD I kind I want to temp and chart to see if I am Oing yet. I think if we don't get pregnant this month I'll start temping and charting so when we do actively TTC I'll already have a head start
Glad to hear that you cycles are regulating out Hopefully that means you will be getting your BFP soon!

AFM: Uggh, last night was a LOOOOONG night. I gave DD some prunes yesterday because I thought she seemed a little bit constipated and then she was up all night pooping. Poor little thing, she had such a hard time with the first couple of poo's and I think her little bottom is really sore. Some of them had a bit of what looked like mucousy blood in you guys think that is anything to worry about? Sorry for the tmi... Anyhow, then DS decided to come in and wake me up at 6:30 this morning.

Oh well, at least I got some pumpkin spice creamer at the store yesterday...perfect excuse for a nice big cup of coffee!

Have a great day ladies
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