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Originally Posted by AniMommy

I'm really considering this stroller, but gun shy after getting a "dream" stroller that I rarely use. I can never fold it. According to the baby store in town, the city select is the most popular one they sell. But, it costs more than my first car (admittedly a POS, but still)

I live in a place with lots of outdoor activities, bad winter weather and need a quick in and out of a car ability. Any thoughts on if it will work for me? I have a toddler who will be 30 months when new baby is born in Jan.
Ds was 27 months when dd was born. We put him in the lower seat and her in the upper. Now that they are 2 and 4 it's reverse. It's easier to push with the heavier child in the top, but definitely doable with the heavier in the bottom. For reference ds was 37 inches and 32 lbs at 27 months. He is now 42 inches and 40lbs and sits comfortably. I like that I don't have to use the second seat for quick trips or when he is in school, but that I can use it for boring shopping or a full day at the zoo, Disney, etc. for folding, you pop of the second seat and pull the fold tabs on the side of the stroller and that's it. Less than 2 mins on a bad day. To open, it just unfolds and clicks in place practically by itself. Then you just sit the second seat in its place and it clicks. The basket is huge.
We have nasty winters and super hot summers here. I've never had a problem in any condition. We have taken it everywhere from malls, pavement, trails, and never had a problem. And if you have trouble fitting it somewhere small, you can disconnect the wheels to fit with just pushing a button. I went to Disney with a friend last week and we had luggage for 2 adults and 3 kids in the back of a sedan and I just popped the back wheels off and stored them elsewhere to make it fit.
Can you tell that I more than super sparkly heart this stroller??? It's seriously the best decision that I have made. And to keep the cost down, I ordered the second seat kit from and the stroller from eBay. The whole combo was $400, and I'm hoping to sell it for close to that later this year, since my 4 year old rarely rides anymore. But I've also thought about buying the buggy board so he can just stand and ride when he's tired.
Sorry if I haven't gotten back with anyone via PM. Still learning the iPhone app and not very "techy".
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