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Re: anxiety over your childs health

Originally Posted by seeinstarrz View Post
Do you still see that doctor? Them even giving you the idea of leukemia was wrong unless they had actual medical evidence to back it up. If it were me, I would contact the doctor who originated your fear and explain to them how it is made you feel and insist on their might be the only way to get past it is to have that doctor apologize and admit their mistake in terrifying you unnecessarily. Even when my sons's docs were very clearly looking for leukemia, they still never used the word out loud to me (because they knew me and Google are pretty close friends...). I'm sorry you are so stressed!
i most def do not see that doctor anymore :-! that was ( supposed to be )just a one time visit while we were in NC and she did apologize after the 2nd cbc and she knows how badly she upset me i cried on the phone with her but she said she "had to" tell me that just in case :/
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