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Re: How to lower water bill

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post

I've tried several tips already this week!

The "soak for a couple hours then warm cycle + rinse" WORKED!!!!!! :-D. And on a seriously nasty load of diapers, too I might add. Seriously.

We've been letting the yellow mellow, being mindful of not running faucets continuously during use, and saving up shower water for flushing. I actually used the leftover wet pail water to flush even. I'm feeling pretty green. :-)
Glad that idea clicked. Im in India.....washing machines werent the norm growing up. It still isnt for a lot of people in the cities. And neither is running water for some. So,they end up washing in buckets in their bathrooms/backyards and line drying. Very green.

People in rural areas,esp'lly those living near rivers, wash their clothes at the riverbank...with kids splashing nearby. What luck! Its looks so idyllic when we pass them by while travelling.
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