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Originally Posted by jojoreta
My mw told me today that it has been proven that going past 41 weeks is now thought to be just as dangerous as once thought going past 42 weeks was. She told me I am high risk for a stillborn but told me it was up to me.

I have had 2 nst's, one ultrasound, and bp is always fine. Fluid perfect, baby perfect, so do I really need to worry. I'm 41+2 and had my membranes stripped for the second time today. Last Monday/Tuesday I lost my mucus plug but haven't had any real cntx since then, other than today...I also got acupuncture done today as well. She isn't totally pressuring me to be induced but I do feel like scare tactics are kind of being thrown around.

Also, can they tell how aged the placenta is by an u/s?

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I think they look at the size/shape of the placenta to determine its health.
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