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Re: Can baby's position keep you from going into labor?

Originally Posted by palsmama View Post
Mama!! I'm right there with you! Two weeks ago tomorrow I went into labor! Same as you described then it just stopped! I contract ALL the time!! I've been in prodromal labor for 2 weeks!! Ugh. My first was 37 weeks ( I think I told you that ) and now here I sit ... 40 and 3 and still pregnant at 4 cm contacting all the time!! Can we say annoying!!!

Hang in there! Do your moves and stay healthy and happy! It's a roller coaster.
I'm sorry you are going through it too. This is sort of my third time going through it. I've had 2 sets of twins. My first, I had a LOT of contractions and got put on meds and bedrest because of it. I wasn't dilating, but still, my water broke at 35wks. They were early, but I'd already been contracting a lot for more than a month. The second set of twins was much worse. I went into preterm labor at 32wks and they stopped it. I was 3cms then. My contractions never fully stopped. At 33wks, I was 4cms. At 34, I was 5 and landed in the hospital on hospital bed rest. The nurses could not believe how strong and frequent my contractions were and that I wasn't actually in labor. I stayed like that till 36wks when they had to break my water to get me to deliver because of other issues. Who knows how long I would have gone.

This time, I'm certainly glad I don't have to be induced (yet, BP has caused some issues), but I feel like I have no end in sight to this.

Anyway, I'm sorry you are still pregnant. I hope baby comes very soon for both of us.

Originally Posted by weesej View Post
Yes, positioning can cause prodromal labor,or ineffective labor. Especially in moms who have had lots of babies. My guess is that baby's head is not putting good solid pressure on your cervix, so you are having lots of contractions without dilation. I'm guessing since I haven't seen you, that since you have had multiple sets of twins that baby has too much room and is hanging out parallel the floor with its head pointing to your back rather than up and down, more perpendicular and head putting pressure down into your pelvic girdle.

If this is the case, the next time you have a good bout of contractions, I would use a belly binder or a long sling wrap to wrap your belly up snugly and keep baby more upright so you can make some progress.
Thank you for this! It makes perfect sense to me and I was wondering this exact explanation for it just last night. His head is definitely down there, but I don't feel like he is engaged and putting pressure on my cervix, just like you said. I am sure baby has plenty of room. I had 5 previous babies including 2 sets of twins. I've been told several times by multiple people I have plenty of space because of this. Also, this baby is extremely active. Even still at 39wks and probably big, he is moving constantly. I've found myself wondering if that is partly because he has the space to do it.

Last night, I did some positioning and a lot of ball sitting. I think I'll replace my chair at my desk with my ball. Maybe that will help him settle in. I will also try the sling. My doula sent me a link about it yesterday, but we didn't try it last night. I'll have my husband help tonight.

Thanks again!
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