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Re: August 2011 - October chat

hey ladies...
wow, what a crazy couple of weeks. while, honestly, wayne and I have a good marriage, better than most, we've hit a few bumps in recent months and decided to meet with our pastor for counseling. it will be good, eventually, but oh my goodness does it suck at first. getting past the "oh we're ok" "it's not that bad" external fascade for me is very difficult. I don't know why, but I have the hardest time analyzing my feelings. i mean, our pastor is asking me what I am feeling after a tough discussion and I am stumped/stuffing my emotions so deep that even I don't knnow.
we really like and trust our pastor, and he is good at counselling, so I know it will be really helpful in the end.

add to that, I sent a nice long letter to my mom about that email she sent to me. (she had sent me an email after visiting us about how concerned she was over the chaos of my house/ frustrating since I am finally getting close to being ok with my house not being perfect for visitors.) it was really tough, and while she apologised, I think we'll have to really talk sometime. I wonder if she is just backing off because she is worried about upsetting my depressed/anxiety ridden arse.

and then, on sunday, I sliced my finger pretty good while prepping lunch. I don't do blood well and nearly passed out.
then that evening, elijah crashed his head into one of our radiators (old house with those large tall metal ones) and ended up needing 3 stitches.

yup, fun times!
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