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Re: S/O Mamas that circed, do you feel judged?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post

I think I'm an AWESOME mom. I work hard to make good choices about food, entertainment, exercise, birth, etc. And when someone calls one of my parenting choices "unbelievable" or says I'm "abusing" my kids, or that I "mutilated" them... um, that's a pretty hard pill to swallow.

I used to get really upset and hurt and torn all apart about it. Then I took a break from DS and realized that so many things ppl get all riled up and frantic about here on DS are really NOT a big deal IRL. No one cares at Wal Mart what my kid's genitals look like.... or if I return the cart.... or if my baby girl's ears are pierced.... or if my kid is Bfed or not.... or if we cosleep..... I could go on. Now I just click the red X at the top and move on with REAL life, where I'm a GREAT mom to my WONDERFUL kids.
great post!
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