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Re: Men that try to push sports on kids... what do you do?

Originally Posted by juliasmom View Post
I understand not being filled with gratitude and appreciation, but I think you hit the nail on the head with the bolded. He is trying to pass on an aspect of his life that gives him a lot of pleasure. Probably the fact that your DS gets no exposure to sports in his home life motivates your FIL even more. I think you need to put it in perspective...he is spending his own time and money to give gifts. I think you need to try to be sensitive to his feelings and at least not let him know that you are getting rid of the stuff he gives your kids.
I kind of agree with this.

Your FIL enjoys sports and is trying to share his love of sports with his grandkids. Would it be terrible if they picked up an enjoyment of sports from him? Do you and DH want to keep sports out of you'r kids lives?

My parents and in laws like to talk sports with the kids. They don't see them as often as any of us would like, and sports is an easy way to maintain a common ground for skype calls, etc.

Neither DH nor I were big athletes in high school or college. But, we encourage our children to try out a variety of sports to see if there is anything that they enjoy. We do this because it encourages team building, the physical activity is excellent for their health and at least a basic knowledge of a variety of sports will be helpful in helping develop relationships (or at least casual conversation) as adults. We live in major Big 10 country - as in the mood of the whole city depends on the performance of our college football team. I think it is important for the kids to have an appreciation for the football team, if for nothing else than everyone else seems to. That doesn't mean I run out and buy the kids $100 jerseys to wear on Saturdays. But, they are able to walk into their classroom on Mondays knowing how the game went and enough to participate in those conversations that are everywhere.
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