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Re: The reason behind no sandwich meat.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
This is how I feel.

My midwife sorta made fun of me for following all the rules but I couldn't get past feeling like this.
That is really sad. No one should EVER be made fun of for trying to protect their children, and ESPECIALLY not by a healthcare provider.

Originally Posted by Belle View Post
The problem (for me) with this line of thinking is that it just starts to make me neurotic after awhile. Like the beef example, or e. coli in the spinach...anything could be contaminated, and so what do I eat without feeling guilty or scared? I've had a miscarriage too, and maybe this isn't typical, but it didn't matter what I ate, I still ran through every possible thing that could have been my fault. I'm not saying no rules our no changes in diet when I'm pregnant, but I can't go down the "what if" road, and I'm very comfortable that we all draw our lines in different places.
YES to the bolded.
And as far as the other types of food poisoning, I don't think other types have been shown to be so harmful to an unborn baby like listeria. So that's why it is singled out.

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
This is exactly true. I try not to go down the "what if's" road when it comes to food in pregnancy either, which is why I said I don't change a lot about my diet. But, unfortunately, on this particular issue, I read a story a while back about a pregnant woman who contracted listeria and her baby died. I usually stay away from those articles and threads online, but I read it in an office and it really stuck with me. So, on this one, I can't help but think "what if?" I can almost guarantee that if I hadn't read that I wouldn't worry at all about it. It's kind of annoying to me actually.
I guess I'm similar on this, when I was pregnant with DD, my OB office had a patient lose a 37 week pregnancy from listeria.

A roast beef sub was my first meal after I got home from delivering DD, and that was the best sandwitch I've ever eaten!
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