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Re: Ahhhhhh! I forgot my diapers.

Originally Posted by mommy24babes View Post
I bought the huggies naturals. It was the best I could find. Most stores were closed because of the holiday.

When she was a newborn I tried every single brand of sposies I could and she reacted to every single one. We tried every barrier cream and 4 prescription creams because her bum had bleeding sores all over it
That's what led me to try cloth when everyone thought I was crazy. It was my last ditch effort and her bum cleared up.

Everyone who hadn't seen her as a newborn and thought I was blowing it out of proportion saw her bum last night after only about 2 hours in them. I think they were a little surprised.

I'm going to buy a few more covers and leave 2 and a bunch of flats at my Moms.
I don't know if our temperatures here would hurt the pul? What happens when pul freezes?
There are some econobums on cottonbabies seconds....$4.95

I don't know about freezing...isn't there a inexpensive pull on cover made of nylon (like raincoat material) available?

Once I went to my parents and left EVERYTHING for my kids...clothes and diapers...that was an expensive trip to Target
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