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Re: Can someone give me some advice?

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
I think it sounds like a nice way to handle the planning of homeschool, but also it seems like you should be able to use your own judgment, to a degree, to choose the importance of some lessons over others rather than take them literally. I think 30 minutes of real keyboard typing is ridiculous at age five, unless she loved it

If it were me, I'd finish out the year but I would let my own perspective help determine just how much I wanted to devote to certain lessons
I'm kind of thinking this is what I will do, but I just kind of feel guilty about it, I guess.

For example, yesterday she had FOUR pages of coloring worksheets. She was ready to quit coloring after one page. It was a LOT to color. So I only made her do 2 of them, thinking we'd do the other 2 this morning. Well, she woke up early and used her safety scissors to cut out some of the pictures on them and glue them to construction paper. Cute, but... obviously she will never complete those the way she was supposed to. whoops.
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