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Originally Posted by AnimalHouse

To the bolded - . I would be beyond skeeved out if someone (other than a doctor who has a medical reason) asked to see my children's genitals. I don't care if it's for "educational" purposes or not.

And a giant to the entire second paragraph. It's just like when someone starts a thread asking a specific question about circumcision... question has nothing to do with "should I, or shouldn't I?", but the intactivists on here simply can't help but to invade the thread, giving all the reasons why circumcision is the worst thing ever - and then they hide behind the "well, I'm just sharing information" excuse .

I always say that when your opinion and point of view are SO FORCEFUL that it HURTS someone's feelings or insults someone, you're going to get a lot less people to listen to you. It's not a good thing when someone automatically becomes defensive. They tend to take in NOTHING you're saying.

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