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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Originally Posted by mandabug2 View Post
I know it's all of your own decisions to "not be friends with" those who circ', but you're as bad as the ones that I feel are judging me for not circ'ing! Come on people, can't we be civil to those who feel differently than us? I understand there are people out there that are uneducated, but do you really feel like you are going to change them by being judgemental!?
I'm incredibly civil and polite when talking about circumcision. The subject rarely comes up with friends, but when people find out my boys are intact they are often curious as to why, which opens us up to conversation. I've had several friends and family change their mind about circumcision after talking with them about it.

While I make my best effort to be tactful when discussing circumcision, I will admit that my heart breaks when I hear about another little boy undergoing a cosmetic procedure to remove part of his genitals. It's really sad to me. I can't watch circ videos online it makes me so ill. Unfortunately, circumcision is something you just have to be passionate about.
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