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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 7th-13th

Originally Posted by babyrosie View Post
Hey ladies. Glad things are moving along for everyone. I has my first OB appt last Monday and I love my dr got to hear the heartbeat which was great and he sent me for labs and u/s. I didn't care too much about a u/s but dh was wih me and he really enjoyed it so that was good. My dr doesn't do any genetic testing with lab work. Just the HIV/rpr/ whatever else and titers for a bunch of other stuff since I am an ER nurse and exposed to everything!! So yay for that. Otherwise, just moving along and eating plenty of red meat and freah fruit. It's so funny how each baby makes you want different foods. Some of them are things I don't ever normally eat and it's like I have no control over these cravings!
for a great appt!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
With my 1st I craved hamburgers (and ate them) I was a red-meat veg at the time and everyone would just look at me in shock!

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
YouTube! There are tons of tutorials that may help you. If you do decide to buy one, bring it to your Dr's office. I did and my OB was more than happy to let me feel (listen?) around with their doppler AND mine. At first I was totally useless, haha, but he took my hand and guided it to the HB. That was REALLY helpful because I could feel the right amount of pressure to bear down with, the best way to "sweep" to find the baby, etc.

So... Technically, you already HAVE hired someone to use a doppler.
for the awesome advice - I never would have thought about that!

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Afm: We got back from our flea-fleeing camping trip. We had a great time and are really hoping this treatment killed all the fleas. We still have so much to do before DH leaves for his deployment and we have an out of town wedding next weekend (our last weekend together). So I will probably be quiet on here for a while.
that the fleas are gone - terrible buggers to get rid of. We only have had them once (*knock on wood*!!!!) here with our pets - the dog picked them up at a kennel We used Borax on the carpets overnight, vacuumed and shampooed them, washed the cat and dog with flea soap. That all made a big difference, but there was still the odd flea through until winter - then they would all jump on the dog when he was inside, and when he went outside (in the -40 winter weather) the fleas would freeze and die! that's what finally got rid of them all for us, lol.

I'm sorry your DH has to go. I honestly can't imagine having DH away like that. Enjoy your last days together.

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Glad everything is going well! We have been using the baby appts as date afternoons and we go to lunch without LO who is loving his monthly visit to the in home DC we use on occasion. He never wants to leave there LOL. It's been nice! Yesterday was 12w2d and baby was moving like crazy according to the doppler!
Seems like a great idea to me, especially if your little guy if having a good time and liking being there! win-win, to me!

AFM: Holy goodness I'm exhausted after this weekend - being away and busy every day for 3 days is... more than I can handle right now! And while I'd love to stay home today and just catch up on laundry, I absolutely MUST get Levi and myself going for groceries. Yuck! And it's gonna be a big trip, too, kwim? We haven't picked up groceries for nearly 2 weeks!
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