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Re: NTNP October 7th - October 13th

Originally Posted by ashliemh View Post

AFM: Uggh, last night was a LOOOOONG night. I gave DD some prunes yesterday because I thought she seemed a little bit constipated and then she was up all night pooping. Poor little thing, she had such a hard time with the first couple of poo's and I think her little bottom is really sore. Some of them had a bit of what looked like mucousy blood in you guys think that is anything to worry about? Sorry for the tmi... Anyhow, then DS decided to come in and wake me up at 6:30 this morning.

I'm not a dr. and am by no means an expert but this happened to my son once. I was really concerned so I did some research and I read that if this happens after they've been constipated, a lot of the time it could just be caused by a hemorrhoid bursting open. I know others (adults) that have noticed some blood when wiping after being constipated as well, and the dr told them it was caused by hemorrhoids.
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