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Re: Military Care Packages - need ideas

I just sent one recently and here's what I sent:

beef jerky
chips in cans - pringles, fritos, doritos
Mio energy
gatordate powder
men's magazine
crunchy granola bars
starburst and skittle candies
sandwich crackers

I ended up putting it into two boxes because I got carried away buying stuff. I sent it to a friend's husband and that's what she said he likes. I was told not to send anything that could melt (like M&Ms) but since it's getting cooler, it might be ok? I still probably wouldn't do it though.

Other things I hear soliders like to get are

puzzle books, games, cards, etc
any kind of books or magazines (within reason - something young people would be interested in!)
baby wipes
razor/shaving cream
toys - I've read that families or friends send things to them so they can be silly and prank each other

There was another thread on here not too long ago and had tons of great ideas. Hope other mamas have more insight.
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