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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

I have a question. My first son born several years ago we had circ'd. I honestly did not realize there was an option. I am now pregnant again, and while to early to know if I am having boy or girl I feel it is a boy. After my sons circ he was practically comatose for 3 days whereas before he was awake and eating. This led me to believe we had done a BAD thing. However, I have heard horror stories of little boys that the foreskin grows closed if not circ'd and it is a major procedure to have to have done when they are older. I mean more intense than done while as a baby with more surgery involved. I have also heard that intact males can give their wives cancer. After researching I find ALOT of contradictory information. Can anyone give me any insight? Links to read? Anything that can help set my mind at ease to not circ? With my DS I cried for days afterwards, but I also want to know the likelihood of having to circ as an older child if we do not do it as a newborn. Meaning complications that could arise and if those complications are preventable such as the foreskin growing closed.

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