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Re: Fitted Sew-A-Long

Originally Posted by djackson123 View Post
Notes to self: I'm going to continue serging these but the next time I do cuts I'm definitely going to include a seam allowance. This one is a sewn in soaker, did snaps at the end for everything (not sure how I like that). I'm going to move my needle to the left position to make a wider serged edge. Corners weren't as bad as I had anticipated on the serger so that was nice. AND I've learned the HARD way how to remove placed snaps.

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it looks great! did you use a 3 thread or 4 thread coverlock? I usually use 4 thread on fitted dipes.

Here's an itty bitty fitted (small DD free)....with quick dry soaker (the top is green cause I was using scraps)

and here's what I'm talking about with my T&T dipe vs serged dipe.....I guess I'm better at serging curves than least with PUL (these are nebworn AIO's using LCT fitted pattern)...IMO the serged is trimmer, lays better, and just looks better course it may just be my skills with T&T

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