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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Okay, let's try this once again! I'm going into panic mode as our trip is less than 2 months away now and I am so not bathing suit ready!!

This weekend was more family upsets, my dad also now as diabetes so his prostate surgery was pushed off as they can't do surgery til his blood sugar is under control so he was pretty upset about that. Then my one brother J that I'm close with (but no one else in my family is) was coming for Thanksgiving dinner. Then the other brother M who's an alcoholic and super manipulative was all of a sudden coming as my dad invited him. When brother J found out he said he wasn't coming. Then my Dad was all upset as he hasn't seen him in a year (I'm the only one in my family who's actually in contact with everyone). So I told brother J and my Dad to come over to my house for supper instead (without brother M) so they can see eachother. Then a couple hours before dinner, found out my brother M chickened out and wasn't coming to Thanksgiving anymore (he hasn't seen the family in 5 years and has major anxiety). So I texted brother J and told him to come for thanksgiving since M wasn't coming anymore. Then J decided it was too much drama and he wasn't coming anyways, so I got mad and said that we've already lost our mom 10 yrs ago, and now our dad has diabetes and prostate cancer, and to just stop being so selfish and come to the damn dinner. So he didn't come to Thanksgiving or to my house for supper and I had to break it to my Dad in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and it absolutely crushed him. Despite my Dad trying, my brother J has only seen him once for 2 minutes in the past year, and probably only talked to him on the phone for 10, and for 6 months of the year they live in the same town. So it crushed my Dad, and once again I was left trying to smooth everything over for everyone.

Sorry for going so off-track, just needed to vent and get that out. So needless to say the last couple of days I'm completely off track with eating healthy as I was so upset over all this family drama crap. But today's a new day, and I'm determined to just let them all handle their stupid drama from now on, as I can't fix it no matter how hard I try. I just really feel for my Dad as he doesn't deserve this. But, worry about the things you can control, right? So it's my goal today to get back to paleo eating, I know the next couple days will be tough though as it def takes a bit to get used to the lower calorie eating until you don't feel starving all the time. I did it once though, so I can do it again!

And once again, awesome job to you ladies! You guys are the reason that even though I screw up I still come back, as you all are so inspiring!
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