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Re: Farming/Homesteading October Chat Thread

raisingcropsandbabies- we butchered probably 30 some chickens one year. Blah. It was rainy and cold fall week when we were doing it so my fingers froze!!! lol. I don't mind it so much. Dh and I caught them and Dh killed them. FIL would skin them and removed the innards. Dh and I worked on cleaning up the innards. I hate fighting with the innards though. They are so much more slippery in chickens than other things!! I'd much rather butcher a deer, pig, small game animal over poultry or water

Meagan- I'd be a mess if I were you! Haha, Good luck!!!

Mysweetseven- Let me know how they turn out!! I'll be getting some pumpkin from my GrandFIL soon. I think it'd make a great christmas gift to can and hand out. I think I'm giving out applebutter this year. I plan to make a special batch out of the next group of apples I get. I thought I was finished canning and freezing BUT I got more apples and have more coming. This batch goes for applesauce and the next applebutter and sauce. MIL picked the rest of their peppers and gave me two fivegallon bucket fulls to cut up and freeze. **sighs**

Today I feel so...busy. I washed all of Ds's toys and need to rinse them. He's been sick and I wanted to kill all germs. I need to wash up dishes from supper last night, breakfast this morning and brownie baking. At times like this, I wish I had a dishwasher!!! I need to wash bedsheets because both ours and Ds's were peed on in the last 24 hours. I have 4 loads of laundry and diapers in the bedroom in baskets and piled on the floor to fold from the weekend and yesterday. I have a load of towels and 2 loads of other clothing in the laundry room piled up. Hankies, napkins, dish cloths, dish rags, hand towels and wash cloths are in the washer, jeans and barnclothes in the dryer and those 2 loads of bedsheets piled up to be washed. The floors desperately need vacuumed. Trash needs loaded onto hubby's f250 so it's off my porch and one step closer to the dump. (I did another purge and now we have nothing that we don't need in the house!! )

So how do you get human and cat pee out of a mattress? Anyone know? After someone peed in momma and daddy's bed and momma soaked up as much as possible with towels then put baking soda on it, the cat decided to mark her territory as well in the same freaking spot. Cat pee is so much worse than human pee!!!!! It wasn't much b/c I caught her as she squatted so I soaked it up again, put baking soda on it again, let it sit, vacuumed it up, scrubbed the spot with dish detergent water on a sponge and after it dried a little I sprayed it with lysol spray. It smells better but still like pee. Any ideas?
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