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Re: but I dont like to read...

Originally Posted by ambersrose View Post
To help a child gain the love of learning I have read over and over that you must let them read what ever they want with no expectation that they will be tested on the material read. Magazines/comics/novels, whatever they want. Also they should see their parents reading for fun regularly. My 8 year old loves to be read too even though she can read and I have been told this is totally fine. A lot of upper elementary teachers read to their students in class.
sigh... Again yea we do ALL of this DH and I read ALL the time she always sees us reading. We also read to her ALL the time her content is not limited and all I meant about age appropiate was that she wasn't spending the 30 required timed minutes reading her 2 year old sisters pat the bunny books, I want her reading at her level (or with in a grade or so) she can do book magazine comics ect and we have a huge variety of these. We also go to the liabary every week she has to be forced to even open a book. All we have done has been pointless. Hoenstly if I really saw that she truly disliked reading I'd probably jsut push through the required time and not really worry. Its beyond frustrating though that she LIKES the books once she actually opened them but then all I hear after or before is whine whine whine. That and its like she remembers while reading oh wait I'm sosposed to hate this MOM!
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