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Re: WOW! My Diaper Safari Pocket review with Pics!

I have been on a search for pockets to use with my Capri inserts. These look like they might be just what I'm looking for. I want self agitating with flaps on the front and back opening. I ordered 3 last night just under the wire for the B2G1 sale.

I love my 4 Sweet Pea pockets and they would be perfect if only the pockets didn't just open up at the top and the bottom - it is such a pain to keep the insert in place when stuffing/putting it on. I tried the Alva DG which seemed to have everything I wanted but they were HUGE and the diaper itself feels so heavy!

I hope they have them on sale again if I like them... I was tempted to buy more but every time I do that with something new I end up hating it! Now I need to get on FSOT and start listing some stuff so I have $$ in my paypal in case I love these

So to the OP, do you like the Capri inserts in these?
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