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Originally Posted by AniMommy
I would let them know that really "grilled cheese and soup" are going to have to be good enough.

Really give yourself the release to let them be at your house, meet and enjoy the baby... and that's it. If they know about all the conditions you've described and they STILL want to be there, then just let it happen. Don't let them push you into being a "hostess" and don't put yourself there either.

I think a clean bathroom, fresh towel and an air mattress in the living room are all that I would expect when visiting during the conditions you've described. It may be (I hope) that they want to come during this time not to be a burden, but to help you guys unpack, make some dinners, let you get some rest and take care of the toddler/NB.

I suggest communicating with your MIL that you want her to visit and met NB but you're getting really stressed out because you WANT her to have a nice visit, blah-blah-blah and see if you get a positive response. At best, she'll tell you she understands and will help out when she arrives and at worst, you've prepared her for the "accommedations."

ps - spaghetti and meat sauce is an easy crowd pleaser!
Thank you.

My ILs have expressed their intention to help. They've lost enough weight to be more active--to cook, chase the 3-year-old, etc.--in theory. When they visited after DD#1 was born they literally sat on the couch the whole time. So I don't really know what to expect. Not to mention that after DD#1 was born, my ILs came right after my family left, so the house had been cleaned by my mom.

You're right, tho, I just need to relax.
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