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Re: Can baby's position keep you from going into labor?

I can tell you that none of my 3 girls were sunny side up, despite all the long labors and false starts. And that with my last 2, neither engaged until labor was already started. With Dani Lee, despite having contractions for weeks, measurable on the NST I did before the induction, she was not even in position until about 3 hours before she popped out.

With baby CJ here, when I was just in for my most recent appointment, he's really low, but he's not engaged yet and when she went to listen, she could feel his head and still push on it and I could feel him kinda "bounce" a bit if that makes sense. Like she pushed up a bit on the top of his head and I felt him move up in response.

I just think my body takes a LONG time to get ready...and then suddenly "fires the cannon" so to speak. Lots of prodromal labor, long long actual labor, then I hit about 7 or 8 cm and transition and babies just FLY out lol
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