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Re: Do you ever question your spouse/partner?

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
Not as in, did I marry the right person.

As in, your spouse handles a situation with the kids and you strongly disagree with how it went down. Do you question it?

We all know not to do it in front of the kids (you know, the 'show a united front' thing...) but what about afterward behind a closed door? Is it okay to do? How do they react? If you think it's not okay, how do you handle your feelings?

Not every disagreement is worth discussing IMO. But there are times when I feel something went too far and speak up (privately). Dh does NOT like it and typically gets mad and defensive and feels I'm treating him as less than their other parent. I don't see it this way and I genuinely try to make sure I'm not being aggressive or coming off as judgmental.
Sometimes but it depends on teh child and the situation. I think it 'normal' in parenting to question their reasoning every now and again. Typically DH and I are on the same page but there have been days when that is not the case.
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