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Re: need your input. baby shower gifts...long

Partially it depends on your relationship with her, I can push my mom and some friends in ways I could never push others. If she doesn't understand your heart you will seem pushy about your idea, if she understands your heart she will see the concern and listen. Talk with her some not asking about the gift but just about her concerns, she may be scared to BF cause she has heard scary things like someone telling her how bad it hurt and there nipple almost detached itself cause the cracking was so bad so they gave up or something like that. Nobody may be giving her the facts but just pushing her with it's better for the baby, but not addressing her fears. All the supplies in the world will not help if she is scared her nipple is gonna fall off. (I know someone who was scared of this!). Do some research and the best gift you give me even be showing or putting her in touch with someone who can help her avoid horrid cracking.

If you don't get anywhere talking then I vote for this idea:
"I would want a gift I have given to be useful to the person I was giving it to. I would keep the gift "breastfeeding helpful" without being totally breastfeeding support/pushy. I would go with a Boppy pillow (can be used for ff and for when baby is learning to sit), maybe a sling or other carrier, and The Baby Book (has info on both types of feeding but really encourages bfing). You could slip in some info on a local LLL group or other BF support groups and offer any help if she chooses to BF. All of these things would be helpful to a BFing mom but wouldn't go unused by a mom who decided to FF."
Except I may not put the BF support group stuff in but instead put in a little card that says "call if you have any questions, concerns, or fears that just need to be talked out. I've been there!" Also if you give Lansinoh make a little booklet of all the ways to use it so it doesn't go unused. It is great for lips, diaper rashes, dry skin (like on bottoms of feet overnight) etc.
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