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Re: Men that try to push sports on kids... what do you do?

We are huge a huge sports family--we don't follow a specific team to the point where we get angry but we love watching sports no matter if it is college, pro, sport, or even team.
We will wear any sports team clothes and put any sports team on our children. My 3 and 5 yr old already picked there favorite team but they do not understand fully what that means,

That all being said I am not sure if it is a sports team issue bc I have the same issue with mil when it comes to EVERYTHING else. She just sends a crazy amount of things in the mail. We are fortunate bc they visit yearly or bi-yearly and she can not possible remember everything we bought them.

My tips--get rid of things your children or you do not want. Rotate things in and out of what you think they can wear or do like. Keep a couple of things that may mean a little more. And when fil visits-let him know or make it a point that you rotate things in and out so the children do not get bored of things and to keep things excited.
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