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Re: but I dont like to read...

Hi there Deanna!

Sorry to hear you are having this trouble. It really does seem like you tried everything you could to get her to read. The good thing is she is good @ reading and it seems like she enjoys it when she gets into it.

Since things don't seem to be working I would just back off for a little while. Don't force her to read but continue to read to her and let her continue to listen to the audio books. Instead of spending her 30 minutes of reading whining about how much longer use the time to read to her, I know you are reading to her already but maybe do extra or just cut it out of your day for now. If you go to the library and she comes along see if she wants to get out books. If she doesn't let it go.

It might be she is doing this because she sees she gets a rise out of you. Once she notices you aren't getting upset about her not reading she may pick it up on her own. Who knows she may be reading when you aren't looking.

Another idea is there a book club @ the library she could join? What about a book club @ the local bookstore or start one up w/ the homeschoolers in your area. She may be more interested in reading if she gets a social function out of it.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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