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Trainers for older kids can be very bulky. All the 7 yr olds in my family were wearing pullups or trainers last yr. (at night for 2 of them- 1 is not PTed yet due to disabilities) I made pocket trainers for all 3 of them. My mds was ok with them, my one niece complained they were uncomfy whole the other niece is autistic and didn't seem to care.

Have you tried wool over the diaper? It allows you to put less in The diaper without leaking.

My yds is getting to the point that he is uncomfortable in the overstuffed diapers (which I already use wool over) so I'm planning to make a fitted style trainer with PUL outer and bamboo and zorb inner (yeah- that makes it AIO or pocket but what I mean is no wicking inner and a pocket for adding a booster) then put the wool over it. Wool does an awesome job of keeping the bed dry and paired with a shirt means no need to add PJs over so no real added bulk. I use up cycled wool sweaters that I felt (or ones I've gotten from other mamas). There are some awesome patterns if you can sew.

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