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Re: Can someone give me some advice?

Hello there Kiliki!

I completely agree w/ you about how the cyber school curriculums are over the top. They are more advanced than the brick and mortar public school.

We lived in PA, a state which offers free cyber charter schools and I am SO, SO glad I didn't know about it until after I decided to start homeschooling on my own. I can't imagine having such little say in what I want to do w/ my child. I realize cyber schools work great for some families but I recognize I am not one of those people.

See if you can stick it out for the rest of the yr. because it might be a bit of change to switch now (although it's totally possible and you and DD might be happier). I know there are only certain things which have to be turned in so don't worry about not doing it all. They won't even notice w/ somethings. Try to see what you can do to make this work.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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