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Re: Can someone give me some advice?

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
What happens if you don't follow the directions to a T? Like the coloring you have to turn those all in to be graded? If you didn't, I would just make sure she knows the material and then move on. Like with the stranger danger thing, just review what you guys had already talked about and make sure you cover the points, and do something else on the other two days. TBH, I'm not really sure how that works though, since you're set up through the public school. In the future you might want to look into a complete homeschooling kit--it will have all the lesson plans and everything for you, but of course you get to decide what to do and not do and you would have a lot more freedom to decide what's right for your family.
They don't actually KNOW if you don't do everything EXACTLY, but you are supposed to. I kind of feel like I'm cheating the system or something.

I am going to skip the last 2 days of stranger danger b/c I think 3 days of it is excessive. I am also letting her just do a smaller amount of keyboarding. Like today I only made her do 10 mins.

We just submitted one of her big writing assignments - about what she wore that day, so one long sentence ("I am wearing a pink shirt and a black hello kitty skirt with dark pink socks and silver shoes") - she did a planning page, TWO rough drafts, a final copy and then also a graph, and the teacher is asking me "where is her drawing for this assignment?" Maybe I'm the one who's wrong, but seriously? She wrote SO MUCH and you're complaining over her not drawing it? Oy.

Anyways, thanks for all the perspectives. We'll just keep plugging away but I do think I might trim a little here and there that I think is excessive or unnecessary, and stick to the core concepts to be sure she's got those down.
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