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Re: What to do when you feel like you're falling behind?

Amberrose, I haven't done foster care before, but I do know that a ton of extra time and effort are going to be involved. That's why I want to get things flowing and stay on track now before we add in a bunch more craziness sometime probably just after the first of the year.

Cowangel, I think you're right that it's just a busy season. For a little over 2 weeks straight, we've had some sort of appointment almost every single day that pulled us away for the whole morning. Then today, things went smoothly and most of his work (T4L) was completed before 10:00am. It's really more or a focus problem on my end than his. I get distracted worse than he does. I think we'll be fine at home now that things are slowly starting to calm down. I'm also realizing part of my problem is aiming to go too deep into science and history for even my oldest's age meaning I never accomplish it. If instead we do basic, grade level subjects for him and let him go more in depth later on it may help, too. My oldest does have a (cheap, hand-me-down from me) MP3 player, but it still works well. Where can I find audiobooks for free or cheap?

ETA: Our local charter school was too far away, so we couldn't continue to afford gas, and NC doesn't offer the virtual school, yet. K12 attempted to get approved for this school year and didn't quite make it. Next year may be a possibility, still, though.
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