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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
I think i will quit sbd. My problem is i like having something structured, that tells me what i can and can't eat. But once i add in fruit on phase 2, ill be where i am now. I just need to make myself eat healthy.
Plus if i buy more fruits, hopefully i can get the kids to eat more of it. Dd especially. Her diet is horrible. She likes grapes but i need to peel them. Thanks to my gma who still peels them for her. Shes 5 she can eat whole grapes. But then again my gma still makes her the same soup shes made since dd was 1. And she even squashes the cooked veggies so they're almost likr a stage 3 food. Yup, just like she did when dd was 1. Grrrrr
I have a son on the ASD and he will not eat much of anything. Trying new or healthy foods is near impossible. Right now all he will eat is pizza and bagel bites. Some times I can get chicken in him. My other son just ate my salmon I was going to have for lunch. I have a hard time telling them no when they want to eat my food. I tell you having a child on the spectrum takes picky to a whole new level. He is a rescricted eater and jags on one food for months. I swear it makes life hard. He will not even eat a sandwich. Every meal is pizza. If I try other things he gags and throws up. We are working on it with his workers and school.
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